Am I Ready?

Grandmother Pa'Ris'Ha

It wasn’t until July of 1987 that I saw Grandmother Pa’Ris’Ha again. Since that time of our first encounter, she was never far from my mind. I would be at work and would be having a particularly difficult moment and her face would simply appear in my mind, a warmth and peace would flow though me and my world would be all right again.

It surprised me that the image of someone I had just met once before, could have such an impact on me. Some time later when I asked her about  this she’d smiled and say to me “Goha we are ‘inner-connected’ and I am always with you”.

During those early years revelation came easily and frequently.  In my still moments, I would experience them like little packets of intelligent light that, when touched, would explode into conscious realization with the understanding that what I had just observed in my minds eye was an absolute truth for me. And yet I had no proof to justify such assuredness. Although these increasingly frequent moments were filled with an ecstasy I had never felt before, I could not ignore the growing concern that, here again, I was experiencing an event that no one else around me was experiencing. I had no one to tell me what was happening to me.

So after my first meeting with Grandmother, I knew things had to change in my life. I no longer felt satisfied with just reading books that I could not interact with in real time. What I needed was a living, breathing mentor. Thats when I believe I brought Grandmother completely into my life.

Like the Buddhist proverb saying that goes; “When the student is ready, the Master will appear”.

I was ready!