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The largest transfer of wealth the world has ever seen is taking place right now.

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“Michael Maloney “

What an outrageous statement! How could this be? What was this man talking about?

It was early December 2011 and I had been mulling over the quarterly results on my RRSP company partnership plan realizing that an early retirement was definitely out of the question. My investments had been declining now for a number of years and at this rate I would have to work until I was 85 before I could possibly see my “golden years” actually happening. Heck, I might never be able to afford to retire at this rate…

So this mans’ outrageous statement caught my attention for sure! I decided to sign up for Mike Dillards’ webinar on Dec 10th.  Mike was an associate of  Michael Maloney and was basically claiming the same outrageous claims that Michael Maloney was making. The 10th was also an auspicious day as the lunar eclipse was to occur on this date. I would see for myself what this man had to say. The webinar was free so I had nothing to loose and a whole lot of new insights to gain. Anyway, Grandmother Pa’Ris’ha had said to do something of significance on this day in order to more clearly define and create a future path for ourselves. So what better way to do so than by attending a prosperity seminar?

On the day this webinar was to occur, my excitement grew and even though I had gone early to the site I still could not log in until the appointed time. “Be patient”, I told myself.

To be honest I had not been this excited for quite some time now. While listening to Mike Dillard’s webinar, I was so impressed with his easy to listen too approach that upon completion of the webinar I signed up to become part of his recently created web-group called The Elevation Group. Mike said he felt it was his duty as well as a heart felt obligation to let as many of the middle class know what I am about to tell you now before the middle class is completed whiped out in the next inevitable world monetary currency change.

Now, before I go further let me state here and now that I am not a Financial Advisor. All I am sharing with you is what I am doing with the information I have been given. I am just at the beginning of my financial education so don’t take anything I say and go out invest. If anything, my only hope is that my words might motivate and move you to conduct your own research. Everyone deserves to give themselves a sound financial education.

A Short History Lesson

Gone are the days when we were told “Go to college, get a good job, stay out of debt and invest in a diversified portfolio of stocks, bonds and a good set of mutual funds”. This advice is sorely out dated  and no longer applies to today’s changing world financial situation. In the USA people are loosing their homes, in the USA, 401K’s are being whiped out, unemployment is skyrocketing everywhere and all we hear these days is talk of heading into another Great Depression. To offset this depressing situation my understanding is that wealth, like energy, cannot be destroyed. It can only shift from one person to the next. But before I go into how to position yourself to have this wealth come to you, I want to share a brief story on how we got to where we are today.

This short history lesson of how the world got to be where we are today started in 1913 when the Federal Reserve was created. Let me tell you here and now that the Federal Reserve is not American. It is not a Bank. It has no “reserves”, and is controlled by some of the richest and politically influential families in the world. It has the power to created money out of thin air and is directly opposed by the designers of your great constitution.

Then in 1944, the Bretton Woods Agreement was made. Here, this international currency agreement created the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund (IMF). This agreement replicated the Federal Reserve System globally and in effect installed the US dollar as the reserve currency of the world. Now all international monetary exchanges would be conducted in US dollars. At this time, the US dollar itself was still backed by gold, however, during the economic boom that was to follow the Breton Woods agreement, the US economy shot through the roof. The US was buying and importing hung amounts of the worlds goods. Life was good! The US was shipping out Gold to cover this debt.

In 1971, however, President Nixon realized that the US would shortly be incapable of covering the increasing debt because the US Gold supply was decreasing faster than it could be replaced. President Nixon did something here that would alter the course of history forever and set the whole world hurtling towards an inevitable world wide financial crash. He disconnected the US dollar from being backed by gold. Now the US dollar, still considered “money” was officially  turned into Fiat Currency as was the rest of the worlds currencies because of the Breton Woods agreement.

Those tens, twenties, fifty’s etc, that everyone still thinks of as money is simply  “receipts” for payment due. It is simply Fiat Currency. This is what we trade with and what we pay with when items are purchased. This is not money but is now simply what some people call monopoly money or wheelbarrle money. When you look at a 100 dollar bill, is the paper its printed on worth 100 dollars? I don’t think so. Now all Centrals Banks in the world including the Federal Reseve could print massive amounts of currency out of thin air none of which was/is backed by gold.

Bailouts were now becoming part of every day life. First we saw million dollar bailouts in the 70’s and 80’s then came billion dollar bailouts in the 90’s and now today we are seeing trillion dollar bailouts. Each time a bailout occurs this “funny money” floods the system and debases the purchasing power of the dollar. This cannot go on indefinitely before the whole system implodes upon itself which is about where we are today. This time however it’s not just the USA that is experiencing problems similar to those seen during the Great Depression but the whole world is now knee deep in this struggle with this uncontrollable monster.

Each time these bailouts occur the purchasing power or value of the dollar declines, inflation occurs , manipulation of interest rates are attempted in order to try and fix the problem only to start the cycle all over again in a never ending, spiralling cycle of currency debasement. All the while that this is happening something else is taking place that is very interesting. The price of Gold and Silver begin to rise in response to the declining dollar. If and when hyper-infaltion happens and the Federal Reserve cannot print funny money fast enough to counter inflation, something happens that has always happed, which can be seen in over 2,000 years of history. Public confidence in the currency evaporates and a mad rush to acquire gold and silver, the only thing that has stood the test of time proving itself to be real money. Michael Maloney, author of  “Guide to Investing in Gold and Silver” says if everyone in the world were to own silver today each person would have less that one fourteenth of an once, and if the gold standard were to be implemented in the USA today gold would reach over $20,000 an ounce just to balance your 15 trillion dollar deficit. However, as I said earlier the whole world is playing ball this time so when this mad rush towards buying gold and silver happens in responce to this lack of confidenc in the dollar, the price of precious metals and in particular gold and silver will skyrocket like nothing we’ve ever witnessed in human history before. The largest transfer of wealth the world has ever seen will be complete.

A thought about inflation:

You may have heard the concept that adding additional cash to the economy causes inflation. It took me a while to understand how this is. Here is a simple explanation that I have come up with. Let us say we have 100 people show up at an auction. Now each person has, lets say, $20,000.00 each to bid with at the auction. So now we have a set amount of items plus a set amount of cash being spent. At this point everything is stable and all can compete fairly in the auction. Now lets say that 50 of the 100 people suddenly all get a win fall of $100,000.00 each on the day before the auction. So now at this auction 50% of the people attending have more cash to bid with. The number of items at the auction has not increased, only the amount of cash. So when bidding starts the people with this additional cash on hand will most likely spend this additional cash simply because they can and they want the item they are bidding on so they will push the bidding price higher than it would normally be. Heaven help those who did not win this extra cash for they will most likely loose out big time. More money in fewer hands will naturaly push up the cost of all things. This is how inflation works and how inflation hurts the middle and lower income makers.

When I understood what this meant, I immediately began to purchase silver. Why silver and not gold? I’ll explain this in my next blog.


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