Regarding Earths Pyaramids

Here is a response I wrote back to someone who wanted to know who built the Great Pyramid of Giza. Posted on the Indigo Society Form. 20JAN2013.

Hello AmentiHall
I love the name reference to “Halls of Amenti” it being the name given to Earths Primary Templar System with 12 Primary Star Gates. However, I would use caution if you wish to use these gates for transit at this time as many of them have been compromised and no longer lead to ascending systems but rather to descending systems using unnatural black hole technologies. Our Planetary Templar system has always been the coveted ‘Prize’ for all Fallen Angelic Races like the Annunaki and the Dracos. The story here is huge and would require many, many threads to reveal.

Now I don’t know who killed JFK but here, many speculate that he was killed for threatening to expose what he knew of the “service to self” Alien agenda and their entanglement with the ruling governments of this planet. Some have even gone so far as to suggest that Marilyn Monroe was also killed for the same reason and that she obtained this info from JFK himself. All still speculation but curious none the less.

OK so here is something to consider regarding Earths’ Pyramids.

The Pyramid structure is the Architectural Signature and scientific achievement of the Annunaki.

The story of the Annunaki is a long and complicated one. In a previous post I indicated that the Annunaki were created as an avenger race out to destroy the Angelic Human race on earth. Well generally speaking this is the case, however, like you find in the Human race that there are good Humans and then there are not so good Humans. So it is the same with the Annunaki. There are some Annunaki who do see the value and honour the Divine purpose of the Angelic Human race. (Very short synopsis) the Angelic Human race was created as a means to restore a very damaged Universal Time Matrix, and to restore a partially fallen milky way galaxy. There was waring going on in the Heavens (think upper dimensional spectrum) well before the Angelic Humans appeared on the scene. Angelic Humans were a gift to all Fallen Angelic ET Races that no longer had their ascension codes intact within their Genome. So how this worked was a particular Fallen Angelic race would petition Earths/Angelic Humans’ Guardian ET races for “Bio-Regenesis”. A portion of the fallen ET race would evolve on their home planet and take their evolution as far as their damaged planet’s templar would allow. They then would incarnate into Angelic Human form and because we had the full 12 Strand Diamond Sun DNA configuration with full ascension codes intact, they could pick up their missing ascension codes and bring this back to their planet in order to assist their “trapped” race obtain the missing ascension codes in order to continue their evolution beyond the time matrix itself.

Portions of the Annunaki race have made many contractual agreements at various times for “Bio-Regenesis” and have broken theses agreements many, many times. It was during one particular period where the portion of the Annunaki who came in on a bio-regenesis contract encountered mush resistance from the Annunaki who still wanted to destroy the Human race. About 48,500 years ago the Sirian Council (Member of the Guardian Alliance) instructed the Annunaki who were here on Earth in Human form on a Bio-Regenesis contract to make a direct show of power in Egypt and Atlantis. This first structure that they built was the Sphinx. Its original form contained the head of an Annunaki Warrior on the body of a lion-like structure. The lions body was in honour of a race line called the Leonines. The Annunaki revered them as God-Like and it was the Leonines who were instrumental in the early foundations of the Annunaki Culture. The sphinx was built over the portal to Inner Earth which was also liked to the Ark of the Covenant Portal Passage. It was built about 48,459 years ago (46,459 BC).

Pyramid of Giza

The great Pyramid of Giza, the Cheops pyramid was created a short time after the sphinx still around 46,459 BC. It was created directly over the Ark of the Covenant Portal Passage and the Heart Chakra of the Earth Which is why the Pyramid of Giza is Earths Planetary Star Gate number 4. This structure was reconstructed and repaired on numerous occasions most recently about 12,500 years ago (10,500 BC) then again about 11,000 years ago (9,000 BC). The Pyramid was not constructed as a burial tomb, although later is was used as such, but the primary purpose of the Great Pyramid of Giza was to fortify the Ark of the Covenant Portal Passage and to serve as an interdimensional teleporation centre. 

MikeCriss Blog - Zecharia Sitchin - Gli Annunaki

MikeCriss Blog – Zecharia Sitchin – Gli Annunaki (Photo credit: mikecrissflick)

I find it ironic that in Zecharia Sitchins’ work he suggests that because it only took (I believe he quoted 20 years) to build the Pyramid of Giza, that to move these enormous blocks by hand would have taken the builders much longer to build so he summarily concluded was that they must have had some sort of technology we do not posses today that would have assisted them in moving these enormous  blocks into place much easier and quicker. Yes, there was technology that was used in the original creation of the pyramid but by the time of the last rebuilding (9,000 BC) our planets Merkaba had been severely damaged by the final sinking of Atlantis in 9558 BC. With the destruction of Atlantis our planets’ rotational tilt was moved it out of alinement with the Alcyone Spiral and second, the great energy generating crystals on the oceans floor that were placed there by Guardian ET races was dredged and removed from the planet. These great crystals that provided the interdimensional energy that powered the Ankhs with their ability to reverse gravitational pull on objects was no longer available so the rebuilding of the Giza pyramid was done by hand manually. It only took the 20 years because it was not built from scratch but rather only repaired.