Music by Ron Mayer

Dear John Theme #2 2


About Ron Mayer
I have always been a Spiritual seeker. Or as my Elder puts it "A Spiritual Archeologist". Interested in ALL things spiritual I am always looking to spiritual sites that present new ideas. I love art, music and can play the piano, guitar and even though it sounds dreadful, I can fake playing the violin. I love to just sit at an out door cafe and "watch people" as they go about their day. We humans can be so interesting...

3 Responses to Music by Ron Mayer

  1. Martin Campbell says:

    Wonderful music Ron…love it!!!

    • Liette says:

      Ron…..I hope I do as well as you when I learn to play this lovely piece of perfection. Keep up the great work. You still have it Goha!!! I felt so in the moment and somehow also back when I use to play with my heart. Love you Ron.

  2. I had no idea you could play like that…it was beautiful!

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