The Power of Fearlessness

There are some that fear these types of videos (videos that attempt to reveal the seamier side of the UFO story) because they are drawing attention to looking at exposing the darker side of this whole inter dimensional drama that Humanity seems to be right in the centre of. The disconcerting part is that they seem to want humanity to continue being completely unaware of it all. 

It is for this reason many believe that if they simply discredit or outright deny this part of the bigger picture of this inter-dimensional cosmic puzzle, and what these sometimes unpleasant and shocking videos can bring to light, that they can somehow only create a positive outcome when visualizing just what official disclosure will look like for them. There is a danger in denial of this sort. 

Denial is always the result of some unchallenged fear that we hold in our personal memory matrix. This fear (False Evidence Appearing Real) remains present in your auric fields (the 15 dimensional energetic bodies) and unless you look at it with the aim of releasing these fears, they will at some point manifest into your personal hologram.

Auric Field Levels of the 15 Dimensions

The emotion behind fear is a potent manifestation tool. You can create either with fear or with love and the emotions contained within either. If both are present within the morphogenetic field of a thought form, the frequencies they both are made of tend to cancel each other out. So if you are left with more fear than love within this thought form you are attempting to create, your personal hologram you will end up with will contain more fear created manifestations than love created manifestations.

This is why so many Spiritual Elders have spent so much of their time teaching people to look at fear with the aim of release it.

Neal Donald Walsch in “Conversations with God” said it beautifully. Regarding fear he said, “What you resist persists, what you look at disappears”.

So it is in looking at ALL of IT, the good and the not so good that you educate yourself and expand your knowledge base so you can truly bring yourself to a place of loving wisdom. As you continue to safely disarm and reduce fear based thought forms within your social memory matrix and increase the love based thought forms you begin to step into the powerful role that God originally intended you to have. You become a fully conscious, Self Sovereign, co-creator with God.

Here in this place of expanded awareness and an authentic fearlessness, you can make wiser choices that will bring you to that place of positive contact that you so wish to have.


About Ron Mayer
I have always been a Spiritual seeker. Or as my Elder puts it "A Spiritual Archeologist". Interested in ALL things spiritual I am always looking to spiritual sites that present new ideas. I love art, music and can play the piano, guitar and even though it sounds dreadful, I can fake playing the violin. I love to just sit at an out door cafe and "watch people" as they go about their day. We humans can be so interesting...

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