Response to an article; Opportunities and Dangers of ET Contact

Response to an article posted by Ed Komarek

Opportunities and Dangers of ET Contact

To Ed Komarek

I understand and total agree with your concerns regarding the unenlightened ETs and the dangers of whitewashing or completely ignoring their presence and the effects their unenlightened actions have created. It is as if ignoring this entire unsavoury aspect of this side of the UFO equation will produce only positive experiences.

Think again folks, for what you RESIST simply PERSISTS.

Resisting and ignoring the overwhelming amount of dubious ET activity present on the planet today and as evidenced within our history cannot make it go away, it does not vanish.

Un-dealt with, it simply continues to hide within the shadows of our unnatural, personal and collective subconscious minds, waiting to over power and consume what positive thought patters one is attempting to bring into manifestation.

For those who understand this principle and are working towards manifesting the kind of life you all continue to dream about; why, for the most part, have you all not been able to do so yet? Or at best only achieved some modicum of success?

There is still so much that needs to be cleaned up in the collective and personal subconscious minds that ignoring it, like for instance within the UFO community when people claim “only good ETs are out there” or in some cases “if you only want to meet good ETs only focus on this and it will happen” is dangerously naive.

I myself, find this way of thinking far too simplistic and, if you will forgive this creative aphorism, encompasses a state of mind some have come to call “love, light and clueless”.

This state of mind leaves one dangerously open to subtle and overt manipulation by these un-enlightened ETs.

I once wrote to Steven Greer last year (2012) when I came upon his web site where he stated that he believed that all ETS were inherently good thus insinuating that we did not need to concern ourselves with this darker ET agenda that some people are attempting to bring to light at this time. I asked Mr Greer what and where he obtained this evidence that lead him to conclude in such a viewpoint? I did not get an answer back from him, however, I did notice that this statement was eventually taken down from his site…

In my current understanding from the Guardian Alliance, the reality of the situation that humanity finds itself within is highly complex and embraces a much broader creation canvas or a much bigger picture than most people currently have. It involves metaphysics, creation mechanics and recognizing the three very basic states of existence here within this portion of the Time Matrix we are currently within. I must state here that there are gradients between these three states as I indicate below so please take that into consideration.

1) Eternal life beings. Here these beings are closest to the “God Experience” or life as God intended for Its individuated creations to experience. Here these highly evolved ET races do not experience death like we do, they simply “ascend” up the dimensional stair–step-creation–ladder and take their bodies with them when they go. Humans were originally created to preform this function with our original 12 Strand DNA Diamond Sun configuration intact but lost this ability in something history has recorded as the “Fall of Man”. Within this state of being races are not dependent upon physical resources for their existence They naturally work these divine laws of manifestation/creation mechanics and apply them as they were originally intended. They simply manifest what they need to exists. Races who can achieve natural ascension have no need to trade or barter with other races for limited resources for they can manifest/created ALL that they need within their physical experience and do so without taking from physicality itself. I understand this state of being is a bit of a stretch to imagine for it appears to be the furthest way of being from what we currently experience.

2) Now we come to ET races that are “partially fallen” like that of the Human Race. Here humanity (as well as many other ET races, depending upon how damaged their physiology is), can no longer ascend without host assistance and experience death and rebirth as a “natural” part of their evolution. With each new life experience we continue to slowly repairing our physical races mutations/damage and gradually reactivate the reversed/damaged ascension codes. This is currently where humanity stands. With much effort we can still repair the damage but it will take some doing and in the mean time we experience death as something natural and in this state of mind have come to believe that death is a natural part of creation everywhere. Death is not natural. Currently most life in our “partially fallen” Milky Way Galaxy falls under this state of being.

3) Next are the “completely fallen” ET races lines that have damaged their physiology so extensively that repairing it or regaining the missing ascension codes is no longer a viable option. Here these few races will follow a path of DEVOLUTION. Their race will continue its journey along this “consciousness fragmentation process” up until a point comes where Fragmented Soul Casting (reincarnation) can no longer occur as too little life force processing ability remains within these physical vehicles to support an incoming soul essence. These races lines can continue to exist for millions of years but do so by energy vampiring/consuming the life force of other living beings in order to do so. Trapped in time, these races lines experience eventual extinction, devolving into “space dust” only to be “scooped up” yet again in these never ending creation cycles.

It is these beings who no longer are capable of ascension that perform the most gruesome acts not only on their own kind but towards on all life in general. This being done all in an attempt at staving off the inevitable. It is from states 2 and 3 that ETs perform these aggressive acts on themselves and towards others all in an attempt at persevering life as they currently believe it to be.

Some of the many Zeta Hybrid race lines are currently facing this next step in their evolution and some are here on earth attempting to alter this final evolutionary course direction.

Is it any wonder they are seen to have performed painful emotional and physical experimentation on the human race in a bid to stave off this inevitable conclusion?

I have only touched very slightly upon the reality that the Guardian Alliance have shared and which the Human race is about to emerge into at this time. Without understanding this vaster, and yes, far more complex picture, humanity will never survive entry into the Grater Community. If we continue to believe that there are no unenlightened ET races who may not have the best of intentions towards humanities’ well being, we will become fair game between these unenlightened ET races lines who are simply vying for survival.


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I have always been a Spiritual seeker. Or as my Elder puts it "A Spiritual Archeologist". Interested in ALL things spiritual I am always looking to spiritual sites that present new ideas. I love art, music and can play the piano, guitar and even though it sounds dreadful, I can fake playing the violin. I love to just sit at an out door cafe and "watch people" as they go about their day. We humans can be so interesting...

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