Chemtrails and Planetary BioEngineering

Does this look normal to you?

Chemtrails skyderalert

For years now I have been trying to get people to acknowledge and question these suspicious white smoke trails being left behind by jets in the sky. Back when they first started, people would always come back to me and say, “oh that, its just contrails from jets” and dismiss my concerned inquiry as bordering on lunacy.

Even after I would say. “Yes well if it were simple contrails from these jets, then why do they linger and disburse like smoke?”

Contrails are formed when the water in jet exhaust, and there’s quite a lot of it, like car exhaust on a cold day, mixes with wet cold air, and condenses and freezes into ice crystals. These frozen crystals begin to fall, and as they fall they encounter a warmer band of air caused by solar radiation, and at some point they melt thereby disappearing. Always, given the right temperature somewhere in the atmosphere these contrails will disappear.

I would often ask them, “as a child, do you remember ever seeing a contrail, being left behind a jet, do what so many of them do today? As a child, did you EVER seen them billow out like that and NEVER dissipate?” to which they would often pause or role their eyes but then not reply back…

A few years later, some would simply argue that it was being left behind because of simple jet fuel exhaust. Here again I would ask them, “Why would jet fuel, 30 years ago, never leave anything behind like these smoky trails that never dissipate? Has jet fuel become remarkable “dirtier” over the past few decades? Why would the technology behind creating this jet fuel devolve? We caused such an uproar over dirty car fuel, what with all the lead in it, so much so that we forced the car fuel industry to clean up their act and create a less polluting car fuel. If indeed these trails were being created by “simple jet fuel”, then why is it that the jet fuel industry has not also been taken to task (like the car fuel industry) and forced to clean up this “dirty” jet fuel problem or better yet simply bring back the cleaner jet fuel of yesteryears? It’s not like we would be creating something new here, if indeed it were a problem of dirty jet fuel, we would simply be bringing back the kind of jet fuel that was used back then. Again I would be met with an exasperated sigh and then nothing. SILENCE.

And even some today acknowledge that weather modification is being conducted to combat the growing problem of the Green House Effect, Global Warming and the link to rising atmospheric carbon. Thus giving the implication that this experimentation with weather modification was something that was beneficial for the human race!

They say this with fear in their eyes as they stare down at the 3rd F3 tornado to hit their neighbourhood within three months.

Oh yes weather modification may very well be a closer answer to the truth, but why are people still thinking that if this were simply, and oh so beneficially, weather modification attempts, then why are we seeing far more weather anomalies like, flash floods, drought, more powerful and more frequent tornadoes and hurricanes today the ever before? Seems to me that if this were true and that it was beneficial weather modification methods aimed at combating the “Greenhouse Effect”, then they would have had to acknowledge that this “weather modification experiment” failed miserable years ago and yet in the face of failure, why are they continuing on with this spraying? Why are they still trying to control the weather for the benefit of the human race like they claim? No; something is not quite right here with this answer as well.

Is it any wonder that conspiracies theories of all kinds have ‘cropped’ up here?

Planetary Engineering is now the main explanation that we hear today.

Now before you go stating that there is no such thing, just google it along with these words GeoEnginerring, SRM, HAARP, Chemtrails, GeoEngineering Watch, Climate Science, Weather Modification, SkyderALERT, and Arctic Methane Emergency Group just to name a few topics. Look at what information a Google search on these topics bring up before you fall back into what has come to be called “Cognitive Dissonance”; a trait expressed by someone incapable of dealing with information that contradicts his or her beliefs about their worldview.

The concept of “Cognitive Dissonance” was fully developed in the aftermath of 911 where the entire world suffered a form of trauma from viewing live, the taking of over 3,000 lives on that fateful day. Many who, thereafter, could not look at the massive mountain of evidence collected that contradicted the “official story” appeared to fall into a raging disconnect of sorts. It was here that the 571 page  911 Commission Report  became more of a Conspiracy Theory than the conspiracy theory itself that suggested this was an inside job!

Conspiracies and the people who espouse them are usually considered “fringe elements” of a portion of society that appear to be incapable of dealing with what the rest of society believes is the truth. Conspiracy theories abound when truth is continuously denied and the generally accepted/suggested answers do not make sense. I say Conspiracy Theorists are performing an extremely valuable function within a society that claims itself to be a free and transparent society. When “secrets” are held and protected to such a deadly degree that we see today it is indeed the job of every courageous person to fearlessly root out these secrets, no matter how deadly, and expose them for what they are in order for all people to make informed and wise decision and choices in their lives.

 Some have suggested that this is evidence of Terraforming.

If indeed this is Terraforming, then the question remains, “for whom does this terraforming benefiting most?”

Some have suggested that in their research on various unenlightened ET races currently engaged here on Earth that our atmosphere is too toxic to them. That what is needed for these unenlightened ET races to live on or even visit earth for short periods of time is an atmosphere that is much, much higher in methane content than that which we currently have. Hence the speculation that the interior government is being manipulated into conducting this “terraforming” project in order to make our atmosphere more palpable to these unenlightened ET factions.

Perhaps the Interior Government believes that they will somehow gain favour with these misguided ET races so that if and when they “take over the planet” that they will be allowed to continue to live. Foolish assumption really, for once these fallen ET races get what they need, they will most definitely not need the Interior Government around any longer and will most likely dispose of them.

Then there are those that believe that Bioengineering the planet with the likes of the Chemtrails and now add into this toxic mix, the added radiation from Fukushima (for those who believe that Fukushima was not a natural disaster) that it will trigger mutations in the human genome where the development of superhuman traits will be initiated and subsequently create a race of super humans within which they may combat this growing menace of unenlightened ET’s or may be they can reincarnate into in order to continue the Human race itself. Seems like an awful lot of needless death, misery and suffering here to benefit so very few.

What ever the reason it is certain that this will continue on unless we awaken in huge numbers and collectivly demand a stop to this. Seems improbable at this time but I say not impossible.

So I will end this post with this quote from Neale Donald Walsh.

There are those who look at the world as it is and say, “Why?” And there then are those of us who dream of impossible things and say, “Why Not?”