Chemtrails and Planetary BioEngineering

Does this look normal to you?

Chemtrails skyderalert

For years now I have been trying to get people to acknowledge and question these suspicious white smoke trails being left behind by jets in the sky. Back when they first started, people would always come back to me and say, “oh that, its just contrails from jets” and dismiss my concerned inquiry as bordering on lunacy.

Even after I would say. “Yes well if it were simple contrails from these jets, then why do they linger and disburse like smoke?”

Contrails are formed when the water in jet exhaust, and there’s quite a lot of it, like car exhaust on a cold day, mixes with wet cold air, and condenses and freezes into ice crystals. These frozen crystals begin to fall, and as they fall they encounter a warmer band of air caused by solar radiation, and at some point they melt thereby disappearing. Always, given the right temperature somewhere in the atmosphere these contrails will disappear.

I would often ask them, “as a child, do you remember ever seeing a contrail, being left behind a jet, do what so many of them do today? As a child, did you EVER seen them billow out like that and NEVER dissipate?” to which they would often pause or role their eyes but then not reply back…

A few years later, some would simply argue that it was being left behind because of simple jet fuel exhaust. Here again I would ask them, “Why would jet fuel, 30 years ago, never leave anything behind like these smoky trails that never dissipate? Has jet fuel become remarkable “dirtier” over the past few decades? Why would the technology behind creating this jet fuel devolve? We caused such an uproar over dirty car fuel, what with all the lead in it, so much so that we forced the car fuel industry to clean up their act and create a less polluting car fuel. If indeed these trails were being created by “simple jet fuel”, then why is it that the jet fuel industry has not also been taken to task (like the car fuel industry) and forced to clean up this “dirty” jet fuel problem or better yet simply bring back the cleaner jet fuel of yesteryears? It’s not like we would be creating something new here, if indeed it were a problem of dirty jet fuel, we would simply be bringing back the kind of jet fuel that was used back then. Again I would be met with an exasperated sigh and then nothing. SILENCE.

And even some today acknowledge that weather modification is being conducted to combat the growing problem of the Green House Effect, Global Warming and the link to rising atmospheric carbon. Thus giving the implication that this experimentation with weather modification was something that was beneficial for the human race!

They say this with fear in their eyes as they stare down at the 3rd F3 tornado to hit their neighbourhood within three months.

Oh yes weather modification may very well be a closer answer to the truth, but why are people still thinking that if this were simply, and oh so beneficially, weather modification attempts, then why are we seeing far more weather anomalies like, flash floods, drought, more powerful and more frequent tornadoes and hurricanes today the ever before? Seems to me that if this were true and that it was beneficial weather modification methods aimed at combating the “Greenhouse Effect”, then they would have had to acknowledge that this “weather modification experiment” failed miserable years ago and yet in the face of failure, why are they continuing on with this spraying? Why are they still trying to control the weather for the benefit of the human race like they claim? No; something is not quite right here with this answer as well.

Is it any wonder that conspiracies theories of all kinds have ‘cropped’ up here?

Planetary Engineering is now the main explanation that we hear today.

Now before you go stating that there is no such thing, just google it along with these words GeoEnginerring, SRM, HAARP, Chemtrails, GeoEngineering Watch, Climate Science, Weather Modification, SkyderALERT, and Arctic Methane Emergency Group just to name a few topics. Look at what information a Google search on these topics bring up before you fall back into what has come to be called “Cognitive Dissonance”; a trait expressed by someone incapable of dealing with information that contradicts his or her beliefs about their worldview.

The concept of “Cognitive Dissonance” was fully developed in the aftermath of 911 where the entire world suffered a form of trauma from viewing live, the taking of over 3,000 lives on that fateful day. Many who, thereafter, could not look at the massive mountain of evidence collected that contradicted the “official story” appeared to fall into a raging disconnect of sorts. It was here that the 571 page  911 Commission Report  became more of a Conspiracy Theory than the conspiracy theory itself that suggested this was an inside job!

Conspiracies and the people who espouse them are usually considered “fringe elements” of a portion of society that appear to be incapable of dealing with what the rest of society believes is the truth. Conspiracy theories abound when truth is continuously denied and the generally accepted/suggested answers do not make sense. I say Conspiracy Theorists are performing an extremely valuable function within a society that claims itself to be a free and transparent society. When “secrets” are held and protected to such a deadly degree that we see today it is indeed the job of every courageous person to fearlessly root out these secrets, no matter how deadly, and expose them for what they are in order for all people to make informed and wise decision and choices in their lives.

 Some have suggested that this is evidence of Terraforming.

If indeed this is Terraforming, then the question remains, “for whom does this terraforming benefiting most?”

Some have suggested that in their research on various unenlightened ET races currently engaged here on Earth that our atmosphere is too toxic to them. That what is needed for these unenlightened ET races to live on or even visit earth for short periods of time is an atmosphere that is much, much higher in methane content than that which we currently have. Hence the speculation that the interior government is being manipulated into conducting this “terraforming” project in order to make our atmosphere more palpable to these unenlightened ET factions.

Perhaps the Interior Government believes that they will somehow gain favour with these misguided ET races so that if and when they “take over the planet” that they will be allowed to continue to live. Foolish assumption really, for once these fallen ET races get what they need, they will most definitely not need the Interior Government around any longer and will most likely dispose of them.

Then there are those that believe that Bioengineering the planet with the likes of the Chemtrails and now add into this toxic mix, the added radiation from Fukushima (for those who believe that Fukushima was not a natural disaster) that it will trigger mutations in the human genome where the development of superhuman traits will be initiated and subsequently create a race of super humans within which they may combat this growing menace of unenlightened ET’s or may be they can reincarnate into in order to continue the Human race itself. Seems like an awful lot of needless death, misery and suffering here to benefit so very few.

What ever the reason it is certain that this will continue on unless we awaken in huge numbers and collectivly demand a stop to this. Seems improbable at this time but I say not impossible.

So I will end this post with this quote from Neale Donald Walsh.

There are those who look at the world as it is and say, “Why?” And there then are those of us who dream of impossible things and say, “Why Not?”


A conversation with Mary Rodwell

Mary Rodwell is a professional counsellor, hypnotherapist, ufologist researcher and metaphysician. Mary is the founder and Principal of ACERN (Australian Close Encounter Resource Network) and is recognized Internationally, as one of Australians’ leading researchers in the UFO and Contact phenomenon. She is the Vice-President of Star Kids Project Ltd and an Advisory Committee member of Exopolitics.

She has lectured in the USA, Canada, Hawaii, UK and New Zealand and appears regularly in national and international media news programs such as the Australian documentary OZ, the BBC television program, the Paranormal Files (UK) and Discovery Channel Animal X. She has also participated in a University debate forum on this phenomenon, in 2006 at Oxford University, UK.

Mary’s research shows while many “Star Children” sometimes called “Indigos” have telepathic abilities, and are spiritually awakened and describe seeing “Beings of Light” (angels or light beings), the main difference is that “Star Children” have recollections of encounters with extraterrestrial beings and of being taken aboard extraterrestrial spaceships. Mary’s research also explores the evidence from scientific, medical, psychological, and historical perspective to support what she believes is a “genetic” engineering program, which is part of an “upgrading” of homo sapiens, and creating a paradigm shift in human consciousness, which these children demonstrate.


Book: Awakening: How Extraterrestrial Contact Can Transform Your Life

In watching this You Tube video interview, I instantly was impressed with the level and corroborating detailed information that Mary gave. This information also blends well with what I have been finding that I decided to contact her. Here is a transcript of our encounter.

RON MAYER: Thank you Mary for taking the time to reply. You do me honour just in doing so.

MARY RODWELL: You are welcome.

RON MAYER: I am fascinated with your work so I will be following what you find.

For your consideration only:

(This is still only theory but one I find fascinating) I have one last question and some more information for you to possibly consider.

Have you found or interviewed any children that are autistic or have ADD or ADHD?

I suspect that interviewing these types of children would be difficult. But the material has suggested that these children too, are most likely Star Children. She refers to them as Indigo type 3’s. Here the incarnate agrees to Host within the same body, an Annunaki soul in order to assist this Annunaki in obtaining and activating the 12th DNA strand and obtain these ascension codes which the Annunaki do not posses. ( I wish some within the New Age and UFO culture would get away from this idea that the Annunaki are our progenitor or our creators, they are not).

I know this will be a bit of a stretch, however please bare with me here.

MARY RODWELL: Its not a stretch at all and my last presentation at Nexus actually covers all of this as i speak about ADD ADHD and Aspergers and Autistic as new programs and how this is evidenced in the DNA. I have just sent the article on my presentation to Nexus because Duncan Roads wanted this. It isn’t published yet. But it covers two scientists in genetics who have qualified my hypotheses

RON MAYER: These beloved children (Indigo type 3’s) have a most difficult job to do amongst all the Star Children in that they have two Avatars present in one body. The guiding Avatar (the Oraphim who the material indicate are apparently our real creators), this Oraphim Avatar possess the potential for activating their 48 strands of DNA where as the Annunaki Avatar only have a maximum potential of 11.5 DNA strands. Without this 12 DNA strand the Annunaki cannot ascend out of the time matrix. This is what is known as a bio-regenesis contract.

During the life of the Indigo three incarnate, the Annunaki Avatar in many cases attempts to take complete control of the child’s body for its own power hungry and selfish purpose. Many times the Oraphim Avatar who carries this pre life agreement to assist the Annunaki Avatar ends up deliberately disconnecting certain DNA Vector Codes (some scientist see this as junk DNA) in order to prevent the Annunaki from achieving full possession. This can result in sensory overload that is experienced by these gifted children and their resulting “shutting down” of their cognitive connection to society.

Of course this is still just a theory but one I find very intriguing.

Another factor regarding Indigo / Star Children is the fact that they come in with More DNA strands active in their Gnome than the general Human population has. It is this that produces these amazing “gifts”.

MARY RODWELL: Yes this is so

RON MAYER: According to theory, humans come in with DNA strands 1, 2 and 3 active (but with massive mutation in DNA strands 2 and 3). DNA Strand 4 – the astral level of the human Crystal body, is usually activated around age 11. Here the 4th DNA strand that also has massive vector code misalignments and magnetic reversal, never manage to repair this damage and further activation of DNA strands 5 through 12 are never fully achieved.

  • Comment added after (One thing I’d like to interject here is  when speaking of the 12 Strand DNA Template, it is not to suggest that additional Heli will be added for a total of 24 Heli for the 12 Strand configuration. Here you would always “see” only the two Heli in what-ever dimension you are in when looking at the DNA strand template itself. The Two Heli “handrails” indicate the genetic material donated by both your mother as well as your father. A third Heli would indicate a third sex which is highly unlikely at this stage in human evolution. What will change are the number of Nucleotide Base Pars that are recognized. Instead of the 4 that we currently see, there should be an additional 8 more Base Paris for a total 12 Nucleotide Base Pairs. This is the concept of just what a 12 Strand DNA template would look like).

It is curious to note just how turbulent the teenage years usually are for regular humans as a result of the misfiring or blocking of Vector Codes of DNA strand 4 and the hormonal swings that are associated with this. Is it any wonder that adults find teenagers a complete mystery?

Now Star Children / Indigos have an advanced DNA configuration. They come in with DNA strand 1, 2, and 3 active, just like regular humans have (they also come in with the same mutations as humans) but here, Indigos also come in with DNA strands 5 and 6 active at birth. They also have their DNA strand 4 active at birth rather than activating this DNA strand at age 11 like normal Humans.

This gives them such a cognitive Leap in understanding right from birth that truly gives them the appearance of being a very old and awakened soul in such a young body.

I personally remember as an infant attempting to telepathically communicate with my siblings and parents well before I could speak. I remember thinking “why can’t they hear me” this, well before I could speak. In fact I also remember thinking just how slow and difficult the English Language was when I did begin to learn and speak it.

MARY RODWELL: Yes see my article on the children who I have written about

RON MAYER: It is claimed that these Star Children / Indigos are from the “future” in that their genetics are borrowed from certain human “root races” that only exists in our future. They would be considered a future human and acutely indicate just where the direction our human evolution is heading.

So their main purpose here at this time is simply to be present on the planet during this Stellar Activation Cycle (ascension cycle) in order to Ground the dimensional wave infusions normally associated with a SAC.

This concept that all we needed to do was be present on the planet, was first introduced to me by my Elder Grandmother Pa’Ris’Ha. This, as Buffalo Hearts (Indigos) , she said, was all we were required to do in this incarnation that everything else we did in service to others was additional Dharma which we would be recognized for. This function of channeling these higher dimensional frequencies were done in order to prevent dimensional energy overload on the planet’s grids that would result in pole shift occurring during a SAC as our planets’ grid system is also very damaged.

I apologize to getting so long winded here, sometime when I start to type my fingers just take over.

As I stated above this theoretical information is simply for your consideration in that you may find this information interesting.

Again. Thank you taking the time to respond.

( excerpt from Article )

MARY RODWELL:  I think this is important that people realize these children have a broader version of reality and it may come over as a dysfunction when in fact they are deliberately harder to program into a more limited third dimensional reality. The ‘Letter’ people, ADD, ADHD, Asperger’s, and Autism.

In 2013 I was approached by a scientist who at this stage wishes to remain anonymous, referred to as L.O.G. Her scientific qualifications are impressive, she has a PhD in Molecular Toxicology, Bachelor in Biochemistry, and Molecular Biology Diploma. In her personal life she   experienced a NDE (near death experience), instant healing, and UFO encounters with beings she calls the “Cone heads”, and green luminescent beings. She also acknowledges the intergenerational link, as her own father and her son also have encounters. L.O.G. calls herself a “letter person” combination ADHD and Asperger’s. She believes individuals with ADD, Asperger’s and Autism do not have ‘faulty’ genes but are a human upgrade, i.e. ‘Letter People.

I do not believe the theory these are ‘broken genes’ but offering new multidimensional skills to prevent limited re-programming of a third dimensional reality. It is not so simple as foreign DNA. It’s a combination of genetically improved bodies, in combination with souls from different places in our Universe, incarnating in these ‘improved’ bodies. The souls have different frequencies/vibrations depending on their evolutionary status and it plays a role in activation of the DNA in that particular body. I believe we also have to take into account the collective soul of Homo sapiens.”

L.O.G goes on to say;

“ ‘Letter people’ show impairment in communication between the brain-halves, thus they use one side of the brain for solving the same problem. They say ‘we are dysfunctional’ however it may be a way to free more space in the brain for solving difficult tasks. The Asperger’s part might be responsible for ‘higher’ knowledge, not interested in traditional learning.”

In her research she found some unique chemical differences.

“ I observed the calculated levels of acetylcholine and dopamine in the brain is ‘higher’ in letter people. Acetylcholine is formed from choline in the vitamin B family and “letter people” need more choline (but also other vitamin B family members) because they use more of it. So that’s the simplicity behind the “cure” for “letter people” – more vitamin B’s, and MSM (methylsulfonylmethane), to help in the enzymatic reactions in the brain and the formation of acetylcholine from choline The effect comes a few days after the first intake and if you stop taking the supplements the first signs of imbalance (ADHD and so on) can be noticed after a few days, depending on how much stress you are exposed to.”

She goes on to identify some problems these people struggle with on a constant basis.

“I had also surmised, ‘letter’ people have expanded sensitivities and awareness, this would suffer with present limited and limiting human reality programming. It would be easier for them to retain multidimensional awareness, if they were not so easily programmed in present social, limited and inaccurate third dimensional reality.”

It was heartening to discover corroboration through my communication with Dr. William Brown. With a PhD in Biology, Brown has an impressive cachet of scientific credentials. His statement corroborates both L.O. G’s and Tracey Taylor’s’ information. He wrote;

“I believe that genetic modification is occurring right now in utero, and is actually producing a New Human.  The hybrids are altogether a new species of human. This is shown by the exponential increase in Autistic, ADD and Indigo children. The new genetic architecture allows them to see the world in a multidimensional fashion. I believe research would show dormant genetic regions are being integrated into the biological system, and this is occurring in all of us to produce expanded awareness. Their brains are working faster and they have access to more information. In the classroom, learning is much faster than normal. I believe they already ‘know’ what’s being taught. The ‘intrinsic’ understanding of certain knowledge and information goes down to bio-molecular level where sentient activity of the brain actually takes place in the atomic structure of DNA molecules. It is trans-generational information. The information is encoded within the atomic structure of the DNA molecule. It can be accessed with greater efficiency and produce savant-like characteristics. The modification of the DNA is more the remodelling of the genome to make dormant regions accessible again.”

Neil Gould, a Ufologist/Experiencer and author of “Close Encounters of the ADHD Kind”, as a child experienced expanded perceptions and extra-terrestrial encounters. The difficulty was in trying to cope and understand a limited and limiting third dimensional world. Many adult experiencers have children with such labels, and these children often had interactions with spirits and extra-terrestrials. Are these individuals new programs with abilities not yet understood?

Best regards

Mary R

Mary Rodwell Part one Article July 2013 Extra terrestrial contact exploring a New pardigm

Part 2 article 2013 The dimensions of soul-1

Letter to a new friend

Hello Janis

After reading your initial post it seems clear to me that you are experiencing the effects of your own personal awakening. I would expect that all Indigos go though similar experiences, although each Indigos’ awakening will be unique. During my initial awakening, (many, many moons ago) I too experienced moments of mind blowing euphoria and then moments of complete and utter despair as I processed the dropping of my old fragmented and limiting persona and began the slow and painstaking processes of adopting a new, expanded and more complete identity. This is not an easy processes but is one that will inevitably set you free.

Many of the people I took this journey with were sons, daughters, fathers, mothers, some within family structures, some with no biological family ties what-so ever. All of us were in some sort of relationship and usually within this family structure we were the only individuals on this awakening path. Whatever situation we found ourselves in, one thing was certain. This was an individual journey and many of our family members surrounding us, during these initial stages just simply could not understand what we were going through. It is good that you at least found this group (there are many more out there) that you can at least ask for guidance or just to talk with someone. At some point on your path you will not need this assistance as you continue to press forward within the processes of redefining who and what you are. You will eventually create this new Identity from your very own experiences that life and your heartfelt searching will simply bring to you. My Elder would often tell me “Goha, do not be afraid to make many mistakes on your path for each Mis-take will simply lead you to making different choices”. I am better at easing up on myself but even after 30 years I still find myself yearning for perfection. We are all perfect, right now, in our own imperfections…

The hard part with this initial awakening processes was recognizing when a particular relationship no longer provided any further value to us. Some left their husbands, some left families that simply could not understand what they were going though. Many thought we had joined some cult and would meet our own destruction at the end of a grape flavored Kool Aid drink. In each instance when one of us met this unavoidable nexus point – Should I stay and continue to spiritually unfold within my current relationship or should I leave family members behind in my journey towards discovering my Soul Identity – when the decision was to made to stay within the family structure and still try to move forward on their journeys then their journey was cut short for they placed other family members before their own spiritual fulfillment. They eventually became resentful towards the family members they stayed with and unfortunately played the guilt-ridden game of “what if…?”

Another saying my Elder would often tell me was “Goha, never, ever let anyone stand between you and the sun”. There were some who took this advise and left husbands some left wives. Some left whole family members behind in their forward moving search for this new identity they new in their gut they would someday become. It takes a very special type of person to do this; one with an unusual amount of courage. Many will not have the ability to overcome the fear of which at times literally seems like “losing ones mind” for that is very much what we experienced when we awakened on our Spiritual Paths. As Neal Donald Walsh puts it you have to be “out of your mind’ literally in order for you to be able to see the Devine Truth. For those who do have this courage the rewards are uncountable. A silver lining here in some cases was that moving away from destructive relationships provided the needed understandings where further down the road, they managed to heal these relationships. Nothing is ever lost forever.

I get so excited when you talk of your explorations with such passion. Going Vegan, Reading EVERYTHING, Judging nothing, Allowing everything to have its place, is all part of the processes.

So many people say “follow the heart” and yet so many people rarely do. Its as if they are simply mouthing the words they have heard that sounded good but without understanding just what this means. Beloved, if it was easy mankind would have ascended long ago. It is not easy to trust the heart for it will always seem diametrically opposed to what your ego with its mind child games would have you believe. Trust what comes to you in mediation or in moments of pensive thoughtfulness, for these are the whisperings of your true Self, your Christ Consciousness if you will. It was once asked what exactly is this Christ Consciousness. This is the response that made sense to me; The separated self or the ego does not learn. Even when the ego has taken many courses and received many teachings, the ego has not learned but has merely become threatened. If the ego cannot learn and your All Knowing Spirit does not need to learn what It already knows, then for whom are all the self help courses really for? They are for the Still Small Voice that you hear whispering in your ear in your silent, still moments. It is the stirring of your heart at the sight of a kitten reaching out to you for love. What is this part of you that with ever growing passion, yearns to learn? This is the Christ Consciousness within you. In the beginning It’s voice is small and frail, easily overcome by a frightened ego but with consistent, persistent practice you will strengthen this “still small voice” your Christ Consciousness and eventually it will drown out the raging objections of the ego. More and more you will have moments of peace effectively rendered by your Christ Consciousness.

Some have mentioned meditation as a means of grounding. This can be very good for some people. Stilling the mind can lead to the still small voice but for me when I was having these moments of great confusion, meditating, I believed at the time, was simply not possible when thoughts raced thought my mind with the force of an avalanche. What eventually lead me to this inner peace of mind where I could make my choices from love and not from fear was Breath Therapy or what I call Chakra Breathing. Many have used another form of breath work called Rebirthing. Always the idea is to massively oxygenate the physical body. Usually these sessions take anywhere from and hour to and hour and a half. You may want to find a breather worker where you live if you choose to go down this road.

Your dreams are very important. One of the tricks my Elder taught us when trying to interpret dreams is understanding that everything in the dream is you. The monkey is you, the giraffe is you as well as the elephant. You are correct that water symbolizes emotion, so now the trick is in understanding what the animal elements in your dream represent. So my question to you is: What does the Monkey mean to you? When you think of a giraffe, what does it mean to you? What does the elephant mean to you for they are all extensions of how you see yourself. That there is a part of you that is dealing with this flood, this emotional tsunami, is easily recognized when you look at what is currently happing in your life. That you see yourself as Savior seems to be a cry from yourself to yourself in recognition of the fact that you truly are magnificent, a divine child of God. That it is time for you to believe in this magnificence and that you are truly worthy of receiving the love you so want to give.

If kittens grow up to cats, and puppies grow up to be dogs, what do children of God grow up to be?

What you give you will receive in truth. What you do not receive is a measure of what you withhold from others.

In your heart, you have all that you need.


aka ‘Goha’

Ron Paul, an imperfect man and yet for some, the Hope of the world.

In a recent discussion with a friend of mine the issue of Ron Paul’s homophobia came up which subsequently questioned his  suitability to run for the highest office in the USA, the presidency. Here is how I responded.

Well Kari you are right in that he (Ron Paul) has and still displays a homophobic attitude. If what I hear of his past stand on Homophobia and racism is completely true and not the distortion efforts of a smear campaign, then I see his position has at least softened over the years. A soft stand for example is where a Christian will tell you they love you and respect you and will even acknowledge your freedom to do exactly as you please so long as it doesn’t hurt anyone else. However, they will still continue to pray for you and your salvation.  That to me is a soft stand. Is it completely non judgmental? No, but is still something that can be worked with and can still evolve.

I also see that there are no current presidential hopefuls that are without major blemish themselves. Our whole world is the midst of a battle between the light and the dark. Some say a final battle for the soul. (Sounds melodramatic I know). But I believe today that every human on the planet is being asked to take a stand and be counted. I truly believe at this point that Ron Pauls’ platform of limited, non-interventionist government, his anti war stand and above all, his dedication towards the concept of freedom for all, is preferable in every way to every other candidate that is currently running.

All other candidates all want to go to war as a means of tackling the unresolvable deficit and all are leaning towards a One World Government that is by necessity, designed to eliminating all of your freedoms. Thus ending with making 97% of the worlds populations slaves to a fascist, socialist form of one world government run by and for the betterment of only a very few a the top.

I look at this and say which is better for humanities future and which is easier to work with if we are to continue to evolve as a species.

Here is an interesting note. We can all agree for example that Lincoln during the Civil War with his Emancipation Proclamation helped to abolish slavery in the USA. I am sure it would surprise you to discover that it was never his intent to do so. The war at the time was going badly for Lincoln. He was losing thousands of men who would not sign up for a second tour of duty. Money was dwindling, supplies were short and he recognized that what was needed was an idea that would galvanize all of these men back to the battlefield. He used the idea of freeing the slaves only because it held a singular purpose of continuing to fight this war. A war that originally was never about freeing the slaves, but was yet again over money and power.

Now if Lincoln had not won this war, think about how the USA would have developed and what it would look like today. Was Lincoln the ‘perfect president’? No, but through circumstance he ended up changing the whole world for the better.

I believe that Ron Paul’s platform (although not perfect) is still the best platform out there today that can at least give citizens of the USA and the rest of the world a fighting chance at making it through these pivotal, difficult and changing times upon us. For me, his one greatest, defining principle is one of freedom. For without freedom and the push towards self-sovereign statehood for all people this one world order concept will fall far short of becoming what could be the greatest self governing design that that man has ever created. A synocracy based on a self-regulating, self-governing, self-sovereign peoples.

Does he personally recognize this potential out come. I don’t think so. But like Lincoln, Ron Paul will be written of in history books as one of the greatest American’s the USA has ever known.

Neale Donald Walsh said in his book  “Communion with God”;

A book I believe is a must for any one that is interesting in seeing humanities’ continuing evolution.

“Dream of a world in which freedom becomes the highest expression of Life, in which no one who claims to love another seeks to restrict another, and in which all are allowed to express the glory of their being in measure full and true.

 Dream of a world in which judgment is never again visited by one upon another, in which conditions are never again laid down before love is offered, and in which fear is never again seen as a means of respect.

There are those who see things as they are and say “Why?” And there are those who dream of things that never were and say “Why Not?”

Now what do you say?”

My Way to Financial Freedom!

Be a strategist, and find solutions!
Think success, act success, live success, have success.


The largest transfer of wealth the world has ever seen is taking place right now.

Are you positioning yourself to be part of it?

“Michael Maloney “

What an outrageous statement! How could this be? What was this man talking about?

It was early December 2011 and I had been mulling over the quarterly results on my RRSP company partnership plan realizing that an early retirement was definitely out of the question. My investments had been declining now for a number of years and at this rate I would have to work until I was 85 before I could possibly see my “golden years” actually happening. Heck, I might never be able to afford to retire at this rate…

So this mans’ outrageous statement caught my attention for sure! I decided to sign up for Mike Dillards’ webinar on Dec 10th.  Mike was an associate of  Michael Maloney and was basically claiming the same outrageous claims that Michael Maloney was making. The 10th was also an auspicious day as the lunar eclipse was to occur on this date. I would see for myself what this man had to say. The webinar was free so I had nothing to loose and a whole lot of new insights to gain. Anyway, Grandmother Pa’Ris’ha had said to do something of significance on this day in order to more clearly define and create a future path for ourselves. So what better way to do so than by attending a prosperity seminar?

On the day this webinar was to occur, my excitement grew and even though I had gone early to the site I still could not log in until the appointed time. “Be patient”, I told myself.

To be honest I had not been this excited for quite some time now. While listening to Mike Dillard’s webinar, I was so impressed with his easy to listen too approach that upon completion of the webinar I signed up to become part of his recently created web-group called The Elevation Group. Mike said he felt it was his duty as well as a heart felt obligation to let as many of the middle class know what I am about to tell you now before the middle class is completed whiped out in the next inevitable world monetary currency change.

Now, before I go further let me state here and now that I am not a Financial Advisor. All I am sharing with you is what I am doing with the information I have been given. I am just at the beginning of my financial education so don’t take anything I say and go out invest. If anything, my only hope is that my words might motivate and move you to conduct your own research. Everyone deserves to give themselves a sound financial education.

A Short History Lesson

Gone are the days when we were told “Go to college, get a good job, stay out of debt and invest in a diversified portfolio of stocks, bonds and a good set of mutual funds”. This advice is sorely out dated  and no longer applies to today’s changing world financial situation. In the USA people are loosing their homes, in the USA, 401K’s are being whiped out, unemployment is skyrocketing everywhere and all we hear these days is talk of heading into another Great Depression. To offset this depressing situation my understanding is that wealth, like energy, cannot be destroyed. It can only shift from one person to the next. But before I go into how to position yourself to have this wealth come to you, I want to share a brief story on how we got to where we are today.

This short history lesson of how the world got to be where we are today started in 1913 when the Federal Reserve was created. Let me tell you here and now that the Federal Reserve is not American. It is not a Bank. It has no “reserves”, and is controlled by some of the richest and politically influential families in the world. It has the power to created money out of thin air and is directly opposed by the designers of your great constitution.

Then in 1944, the Bretton Woods Agreement was made. Here, this international currency agreement created the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund (IMF). This agreement replicated the Federal Reserve System globally and in effect installed the US dollar as the reserve currency of the world. Now all international monetary exchanges would be conducted in US dollars. At this time, the US dollar itself was still backed by gold, however, during the economic boom that was to follow the Breton Woods agreement, the US economy shot through the roof. The US was buying and importing hung amounts of the worlds goods. Life was good! The US was shipping out Gold to cover this debt.

In 1971, however, President Nixon realized that the US would shortly be incapable of covering the increasing debt because the US Gold supply was decreasing faster than it could be replaced. President Nixon did something here that would alter the course of history forever and set the whole world hurtling towards an inevitable world wide financial crash. He disconnected the US dollar from being backed by gold. Now the US dollar, still considered “money” was officially  turned into Fiat Currency as was the rest of the worlds currencies because of the Breton Woods agreement.

Those tens, twenties, fifty’s etc, that everyone still thinks of as money is simply  “receipts” for payment due. It is simply Fiat Currency. This is what we trade with and what we pay with when items are purchased. This is not money but is now simply what some people call monopoly money or wheelbarrle money. When you look at a 100 dollar bill, is the paper its printed on worth 100 dollars? I don’t think so. Now all Centrals Banks in the world including the Federal Reseve could print massive amounts of currency out of thin air none of which was/is backed by gold.

Bailouts were now becoming part of every day life. First we saw million dollar bailouts in the 70’s and 80’s then came billion dollar bailouts in the 90’s and now today we are seeing trillion dollar bailouts. Each time a bailout occurs this “funny money” floods the system and debases the purchasing power of the dollar. This cannot go on indefinitely before the whole system implodes upon itself which is about where we are today. This time however it’s not just the USA that is experiencing problems similar to those seen during the Great Depression but the whole world is now knee deep in this struggle with this uncontrollable monster.

Each time these bailouts occur the purchasing power or value of the dollar declines, inflation occurs , manipulation of interest rates are attempted in order to try and fix the problem only to start the cycle all over again in a never ending, spiralling cycle of currency debasement. All the while that this is happening something else is taking place that is very interesting. The price of Gold and Silver begin to rise in response to the declining dollar. If and when hyper-infaltion happens and the Federal Reserve cannot print funny money fast enough to counter inflation, something happens that has always happed, which can be seen in over 2,000 years of history. Public confidence in the currency evaporates and a mad rush to acquire gold and silver, the only thing that has stood the test of time proving itself to be real money. Michael Maloney, author of  “Guide to Investing in Gold and Silver” says if everyone in the world were to own silver today each person would have less that one fourteenth of an once, and if the gold standard were to be implemented in the USA today gold would reach over $20,000 an ounce just to balance your 15 trillion dollar deficit. However, as I said earlier the whole world is playing ball this time so when this mad rush towards buying gold and silver happens in responce to this lack of confidenc in the dollar, the price of precious metals and in particular gold and silver will skyrocket like nothing we’ve ever witnessed in human history before. The largest transfer of wealth the world has ever seen will be complete.

A thought about inflation:

You may have heard the concept that adding additional cash to the economy causes inflation. It took me a while to understand how this is. Here is a simple explanation that I have come up with. Let us say we have 100 people show up at an auction. Now each person has, lets say, $20,000.00 each to bid with at the auction. So now we have a set amount of items plus a set amount of cash being spent. At this point everything is stable and all can compete fairly in the auction. Now lets say that 50 of the 100 people suddenly all get a win fall of $100,000.00 each on the day before the auction. So now at this auction 50% of the people attending have more cash to bid with. The number of items at the auction has not increased, only the amount of cash. So when bidding starts the people with this additional cash on hand will most likely spend this additional cash simply because they can and they want the item they are bidding on so they will push the bidding price higher than it would normally be. Heaven help those who did not win this extra cash for they will most likely loose out big time. More money in fewer hands will naturaly push up the cost of all things. This is how inflation works and how inflation hurts the middle and lower income makers.

When I understood what this meant, I immediately began to purchase silver. Why silver and not gold? I’ll explain this in my next blog.


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Guide to Investing in Gold and Silver: author, Michael Malony part of Robert Kiyosaki’s “Rich Dad’s Advisors” series of books.

Rich Dad’s Conspiracy of the Rich: The 8 New Rules of  Money: by Robert Kiyosaki.

The Creature from Jekyll Island:  A second Look at the Federal Reserve:  by Edward Griffin

Hope Heals All

“Embrace oneness by seeing yourself in everyone you encounter.

When we open ourselves to truth we are liberated!”

Grandmother Pa’Ris’Ha

“Devote today to something so daring even you can’t believe your doing it”

Oprah Winfrey

“With transparency comes a degree of freedom unfathomable to those still trapped in secrecy.”

Ron Mayer

Hope can heal all.

I was just finishing lunch at home and I had 20 minutes to get back to school to catch my 1:00 o’clock afternoon math class.

“Mom, I gota go or I’ll be late”, a said as I pushed my half eaten sandwich away from me.

“But you haven’t finished”, she said to my back as I grabbed an apple from the fruit basket.

“I’m not very hungry right now. I’ll eat this later.”

I paused on the porch to take in the moment. The clouds were coming in fast and dark and ominous. As I looked out onto our back yard, I could hear the sound of the wind as it blew through the trees and the trees began to sing. I could smell the coming rain that came heavy through the screen door. I had always felt refuge in arms of nature.

Reluctantly breaking my melancholy moment, I pulled my coat tighter around me and uttered a sigh as I stepped off the porch and headed off to school.

I was deep in thought about the bullying, name calling and physical abuse I had just received the day before from Harold Borkowski (not his real name). This one was the most painful episode yet. I could still feel my heart blistering from that humiliating attack. “At least you can’t see the bruises” I thought to myself. Harold could make ‘Deliverance’ look like a back yard picnic.

All through that last year in high school, I had endured constant taunting and jeering from many of my piers about my preferred persuasion. Even the teachers, on the rare occasion where they did witnessed the bullying, would always manage to turn a blind eye and let it slide. There was no word for it back then, which made it all the more frightening because there was no one I could talk to intelligently about it, so I shamefully buried it as best I could. I suddenly felt a flash of rage that I should even be made to feeling shame, oblivious to the deep scaring it was leaving inside.

This was the last month before my graduation. If I could only just get through these last few weeks, summer would be here and I could spend it quietly and anonymously at our cottage. Summer there was always good and yet I could hardly wait for the fall when I could finally get out of this town and head off to college where no one would know me. I would start off fresh.

I could only hope that the world outside this town would be infinitely kinder…

The lightning flashed and a moment later followed it with a clap of thunder. I picked up my pace.

Steps leading to school.

Steps leading to school.

There was a set of 9 flights of stairs that lead down into the “pit” where our high school was built. As I began my decent I noticed a lone figure sitting at the very bottom. I was only a few steps away, when I noticed that it was Harold Borkowski. He was hunched over, his face in his hands and his shoulders were heaving up and down obviously in distress.

What I did next surprised me. Normally, most people who had endured so much paid from someone like Harold would have simply walk right past him and not say a word. However, my empathic nature instantly had me feeling his pain and as I approached, I sat down next to him on the bottom step. I paused a moment then gently asked him, “Are you ok? Is there anything I can do to help?”

In that instant a look of shock and bewilderment came flooding into his eyes. I could tell he was thinking that I was the last person in the world that he would have expected sympathy from, especially after the way he had been treating me.

His eyes were cold as steel as he challenged my sincerity. My gaze never faltered. A moment later the hardness in his eyes turned to puzzlement and as he turned away, he sighed, “No, there’s nothing anyone can do.”

“I’m sorry,” I said. Moments passed as we both stared straight head sitting next to each other in silence.

“I’ll just leave you be then” and I got up and continued on down the path towards the school.

I was shaking inside. I could not believe what I had just done. It felt wonderful! I was free. Through that sudden unexpected act of compassion, I had gained back my personal power and restored some of that self respect that had been slowly eroding over the last painful year.

You know I believe just that one small act of kindness changed Harold. For in that final month before graduation he never once bullied me again. Yes, perhaps something in him had changed. More importantly, I saw my whole world change in that moment as I demonstrated to myself a capacity to love that seemed well beyond my years. In that moment I realized that with transparency comes a degree of freedom unfathomable to those still trapped in secrecy.

Later, Grandmother would come to refer to these elevating moments in ones life as “Nuwati”.  A Cherokee word which has many meanings: “the Medicine Way,” “one of being as God is,” “universal power and connectedness,” “One with the All,” “the chosen and gifted”. All of these meanings describe what “Nuwati” is; however, I have come to simply understand it as “Love in action”.

Even then, before I had ever met Grandmother, I knew that there was something very different about me. Something most people could not quite understand. This difference would now set me on a path of destiny most could not even fathom.

That summer was one of the best summers that I can recall. And even as it ended and I began to prepare to leave home for college, I remembered thinking, “Even if the world outside my town ends up being just as hate-filled towards me as these last few years have been, at least I now know I will survive.”

Hope was still alive.

Song sung by: Idina Menzel


This is a story of a bird with no wings.

It’s certain that it can fly.

Sailing on love, into the headwinds.

Forcing it’s way by-and-by.

If only we were as strong as this bird

Our spirit would never die.

What do we name it?

Hope is the right word.

Hope is the bravest most beautiful bird in the sky.

Hope is a bird that flys higher than others.

And keeps all our dreams alive.

Free of all doubt, perfectly fearless.

Fed by it’s will to survive.

Imagine ourselves becoming this bird

We can when we dare to try.

See ourselves flying, over the mountain.

Hope is the bravest most beautiful bird in the sky.

Only hope can light the way.

Only hope can heal the heart.

Only hope can keep the clouds from hiding the moon & the stars.

If only we were as strong as this bird.

Our spirit would never die.

What do we call it? Only one word.

Hope is the bravest most beautiful  bird.

Hope is the bravest most beautiful bird in the sky.

Only hope can light the way.

Only hope can heal the heart.

Only hope can keep the clouds from hiding the moon & the stars.

This was the story of a bird without wings.

And rose above everything.

Never once giving up.



Am I Ready?

Grandmother Pa'Ris'Ha

It wasn’t until July of 1987 that I saw Grandmother Pa’Ris’Ha again. Since that time of our first encounter, she was never far from my mind. I would be at work and would be having a particularly difficult moment and her face would simply appear in my mind, a warmth and peace would flow though me and my world would be all right again.

It surprised me that the image of someone I had just met once before, could have such an impact on me. Some time later when I asked her about  this she’d smiled and say to me “Goha we are ‘inner-connected’ and I am always with you”.

During those early years revelation came easily and frequently.  In my still moments, I would experience them like little packets of intelligent light that, when touched, would explode into conscious realization with the understanding that what I had just observed in my minds eye was an absolute truth for me. And yet I had no proof to justify such assuredness. Although these increasingly frequent moments were filled with an ecstasy I had never felt before, I could not ignore the growing concern that, here again, I was experiencing an event that no one else around me was experiencing. I had no one to tell me what was happening to me.

So after my first meeting with Grandmother, I knew things had to change in my life. I no longer felt satisfied with just reading books that I could not interact with in real time. What I needed was a living, breathing mentor. Thats when I believe I brought Grandmother completely into my life.

Like the Buddhist proverb saying that goes; “When the student is ready, the Master will appear”.

I was ready!