The Power of Fearlessness

There are some that fear these types of videos (videos that attempt to reveal the seamier side of the UFO story) because they are drawing attention to looking at exposing the darker side of this whole inter dimensional drama that Humanity seems to be right in the centre of. The disconcerting part is that they seem to want humanity to continue being completely unaware of it all. 

It is for this reason many believe that if they simply discredit or outright deny this part of the bigger picture of this inter-dimensional cosmic puzzle, and what these sometimes unpleasant and shocking videos can bring to light, that they can somehow only create a positive outcome when visualizing just what official disclosure will look like for them. There is a danger in denial of this sort. 

Denial is always the result of some unchallenged fear that we hold in our personal memory matrix. This fear (False Evidence Appearing Real) remains present in your auric fields (the 15 dimensional energetic bodies) and unless you look at it with the aim of releasing these fears, they will at some point manifest into your personal hologram.

Auric Field Levels of the 15 Dimensions

The emotion behind fear is a potent manifestation tool. You can create either with fear or with love and the emotions contained within either. If both are present within the morphogenetic field of a thought form, the frequencies they both are made of tend to cancel each other out. So if you are left with more fear than love within this thought form you are attempting to create, your personal hologram you will end up with will contain more fear created manifestations than love created manifestations.

This is why so many Spiritual Elders have spent so much of their time teaching people to look at fear with the aim of release it.

Neal Donald Walsch in “Conversations with God” said it beautifully. Regarding fear he said, “What you resist persists, what you look at disappears”.

So it is in looking at ALL of IT, the good and the not so good that you educate yourself and expand your knowledge base so you can truly bring yourself to a place of loving wisdom. As you continue to safely disarm and reduce fear based thought forms within your social memory matrix and increase the love based thought forms you begin to step into the powerful role that God originally intended you to have. You become a fully conscious, Self Sovereign, co-creator with God.

Here in this place of expanded awareness and an authentic fearlessness, you can make wiser choices that will bring you to that place of positive contact that you so wish to have.


Letter to a new friend

Hello Janis

After reading your initial post it seems clear to me that you are experiencing the effects of your own personal awakening. I would expect that all Indigos go though similar experiences, although each Indigos’ awakening will be unique. During my initial awakening, (many, many moons ago) I too experienced moments of mind blowing euphoria and then moments of complete and utter despair as I processed the dropping of my old fragmented and limiting persona and began the slow and painstaking processes of adopting a new, expanded and more complete identity. This is not an easy processes but is one that will inevitably set you free.

Many of the people I took this journey with were sons, daughters, fathers, mothers, some within family structures, some with no biological family ties what-so ever. All of us were in some sort of relationship and usually within this family structure we were the only individuals on this awakening path. Whatever situation we found ourselves in, one thing was certain. This was an individual journey and many of our family members surrounding us, during these initial stages just simply could not understand what we were going through. It is good that you at least found this group (there are many more out there) that you can at least ask for guidance or just to talk with someone. At some point on your path you will not need this assistance as you continue to press forward within the processes of redefining who and what you are. You will eventually create this new Identity from your very own experiences that life and your heartfelt searching will simply bring to you. My Elder would often tell me “Goha, do not be afraid to make many mistakes on your path for each Mis-take will simply lead you to making different choices”. I am better at easing up on myself but even after 30 years I still find myself yearning for perfection. We are all perfect, right now, in our own imperfections…

The hard part with this initial awakening processes was recognizing when a particular relationship no longer provided any further value to us. Some left their husbands, some left families that simply could not understand what they were going though. Many thought we had joined some cult and would meet our own destruction at the end of a grape flavored Kool Aid drink. In each instance when one of us met this unavoidable nexus point – Should I stay and continue to spiritually unfold within my current relationship or should I leave family members behind in my journey towards discovering my Soul Identity – when the decision was to made to stay within the family structure and still try to move forward on their journeys then their journey was cut short for they placed other family members before their own spiritual fulfillment. They eventually became resentful towards the family members they stayed with and unfortunately played the guilt-ridden game of “what if…?”

Another saying my Elder would often tell me was “Goha, never, ever let anyone stand between you and the sun”. There were some who took this advise and left husbands some left wives. Some left whole family members behind in their forward moving search for this new identity they new in their gut they would someday become. It takes a very special type of person to do this; one with an unusual amount of courage. Many will not have the ability to overcome the fear of which at times literally seems like “losing ones mind” for that is very much what we experienced when we awakened on our Spiritual Paths. As Neal Donald Walsh puts it you have to be “out of your mind’ literally in order for you to be able to see the Devine Truth. For those who do have this courage the rewards are uncountable. A silver lining here in some cases was that moving away from destructive relationships provided the needed understandings where further down the road, they managed to heal these relationships. Nothing is ever lost forever.

I get so excited when you talk of your explorations with such passion. Going Vegan, Reading EVERYTHING, Judging nothing, Allowing everything to have its place, is all part of the processes.

So many people say “follow the heart” and yet so many people rarely do. Its as if they are simply mouthing the words they have heard that sounded good but without understanding just what this means. Beloved, if it was easy mankind would have ascended long ago. It is not easy to trust the heart for it will always seem diametrically opposed to what your ego with its mind child games would have you believe. Trust what comes to you in mediation or in moments of pensive thoughtfulness, for these are the whisperings of your true Self, your Christ Consciousness if you will. It was once asked what exactly is this Christ Consciousness. This is the response that made sense to me; The separated self or the ego does not learn. Even when the ego has taken many courses and received many teachings, the ego has not learned but has merely become threatened. If the ego cannot learn and your All Knowing Spirit does not need to learn what It already knows, then for whom are all the self help courses really for? They are for the Still Small Voice that you hear whispering in your ear in your silent, still moments. It is the stirring of your heart at the sight of a kitten reaching out to you for love. What is this part of you that with ever growing passion, yearns to learn? This is the Christ Consciousness within you. In the beginning It’s voice is small and frail, easily overcome by a frightened ego but with consistent, persistent practice you will strengthen this “still small voice” your Christ Consciousness and eventually it will drown out the raging objections of the ego. More and more you will have moments of peace effectively rendered by your Christ Consciousness.

Some have mentioned meditation as a means of grounding. This can be very good for some people. Stilling the mind can lead to the still small voice but for me when I was having these moments of great confusion, meditating, I believed at the time, was simply not possible when thoughts raced thought my mind with the force of an avalanche. What eventually lead me to this inner peace of mind where I could make my choices from love and not from fear was Breath Therapy or what I call Chakra Breathing. Many have used another form of breath work called Rebirthing. Always the idea is to massively oxygenate the physical body. Usually these sessions take anywhere from and hour to and hour and a half. You may want to find a breather worker where you live if you choose to go down this road.

Your dreams are very important. One of the tricks my Elder taught us when trying to interpret dreams is understanding that everything in the dream is you. The monkey is you, the giraffe is you as well as the elephant. You are correct that water symbolizes emotion, so now the trick is in understanding what the animal elements in your dream represent. So my question to you is: What does the Monkey mean to you? When you think of a giraffe, what does it mean to you? What does the elephant mean to you for they are all extensions of how you see yourself. That there is a part of you that is dealing with this flood, this emotional tsunami, is easily recognized when you look at what is currently happing in your life. That you see yourself as Savior seems to be a cry from yourself to yourself in recognition of the fact that you truly are magnificent, a divine child of God. That it is time for you to believe in this magnificence and that you are truly worthy of receiving the love you so want to give.

If kittens grow up to cats, and puppies grow up to be dogs, what do children of God grow up to be?

What you give you will receive in truth. What you do not receive is a measure of what you withhold from others.

In your heart, you have all that you need.


aka ‘Goha’

How it all started!

I think I have always been a seeker of truth. Ever since my late teenage years, I have searched tirelessly  for the meaning of why I was here and what was I to make of my life. During those turbulent teenage years I would sometimes come across people who would ooze that inner peace that I so wanted for myself but always found so elusive.
Ever since I can remember I have always sought to bring balance and joy wherever I went. This placed me at odds most of the time with people around me and for many years it saddened me to think I might be the only one that thought and acted this way.
That was until the day I met Grandmother Pa’Ris’Ha.
It was in the month of October in 1986 when a friend asked me if I would be interested in hearing a native woman speak on reincarnation. Prior to this my spiritual explorations had taken me into all sorts of areas, from books on out of body explorations and astral projection; to worlds called Parallel Earth and Inner Earth; to the history of mankind and its origins. I devoured everything that was not part of main stream religious thought and anything that was so far out side the box you couldn’t even see the box. At times I would buy a book simply because it “fell” off the shelf. Nothing was too far out there for my consideration.
This was how my life was moving during my early years. Like putting together the pieces of a giant jigsaw puzzle I would randomly pick up these pieces of life’s experiences in an attempt to weave together a tapestry of who I was becoming.
All this, as I said earlier, lead me to this native Elder and her talk on reincarnation.
Up until this moment I had simply not considered researching the native path of spirituality. Indeed, all I knew then about indigenous ways was what I had learned from the small native community just outside the town where I lived. They were poor and kept mostly to themselves which made them ripe for all kinds of gossip and slander. I felt deeply for these people and sympathy for the way they were sometimes treated but never thought much of their native spirituality especially if it did nothing to improve their lives and kept them locked in this state of being. At the time I didn’t realize that it was my state of being that was “locked in”. So I went to her talk on reincarnation with no expectations and only mild curiosity.
Sitting in that room waiting for her to arrive I casually scrutinized the room. The people in attendance were an odd lot for sure. You had young and old, some were dressed like new-age-hippies and some adorned native accents like turquoise necklaces and earrings with feathers. Everyone striving for some form of identification reminded me of where I was on my path and how far I yet needed to travel. It made me somewhat uncomfortable to think I might end up looking like one of these strange people.
When she finally made her appearance I remembered thinking, “Oh, she’s not showing up, this can’t be Grandmother Pa’Ris’Ha. Her skin is too white, her hair is not black and where is that distinctive native bone structure!”
Even though I was determined to be skeptical it only took me a few minutes to realize that I was in the presence of someone special. Here was a woman who emanated that inner peace that I was so hungry for in my life. Here was a woman who’s inner light and wisdom captured not only my heart but the hearts off everyone in the room.
I was completely enraptured with her. She spoke matter-of-factly about reincarnation saying that it was not so unusual in her culture which surprised me somewhat but it was in hearing her first person accounts of her experiences within the native indigenous world of “medicine” and her oral teachings of the “Old Ones” and the “Ancients”, that filled my world where I sat with wondrous colorful images and stories of what was and what was yet to become.
At the end of the seminar many people including myself went forward and lined up just have a chance to touch her hoping that by doing so we could have a piece of her to bring home and cherish.
Thus began my association with the one person who has become the most powerful influence in my life.
I left the seminar that night feeling so at peace and filled with love that I was determined to know more about Grandmother and her mysterious world of Medicine.
Little did I know where this was going to take me or how my life was about to change…
December 11,2010

The teachings begin.

This second meeting was in the home of the person who had invited me to that momentous first encounter. Again the room was filled with about 15 people some of whom had been to her first seminar in Toronto. I was surprised to find myself suddenly filled with panic when her car pulled into the driveway.

“What was this?” I thought to myself. “Why should I suddenly feel such anxiety at the arrival of someone whose very essence was unconditional in her deliverance of love and peace?”

I realized that this fear was coming from a part of myself that was also present in every one else. It was the part of me that just didn’t want change, that wanted everything to stay just the way it was. Many people call this part the ego.

I began to hear my heart beating furiously in my chest. “Someone open a damn window in here it must be a hundred degrees” I thought to myself. I nervously wrung my hands together and noticed that they felt clammy and cold.

“If I’m feeling such fear, then why am I still sitting here in this room?” The sliding doors that lead out to the back patio herald my path to escape but instead I found myself frozen where I sat.

“OK, then there must be a part of me that does want to change” I thought.

In that moment I came to realize something wonderful about myself. If my spiritual self knows all things and therefor has no need to learn and my ego self refuses to learn, then who is this still small voice inside of me that is thirsting for change? Who is this person now sitting here in this room? That small voice that kept whispering inside my head that kept saying, “Stay, just sit, be still,” was simply that state of being I have come to know as my “Christ Consciousness”. It would be this being that Grandmother would lovingly come to call Goha. This state of awareness that was now here in the room with me I could sense was still very fragile and in need of tremendous nurturing. But right now the spark was alive in me and although it appeared insignificant in that moment, it also wouldn’t let me out of my chair! As for this anxious fear I was feeling? Well, this was simply my ego’s acknowledgement that something big was about to change in my life.

As she walked through the door you could hear her laughter as she greeted our host. You could hear the growing excitement in her voice as she greeted everyone else one at a time. When she finally saw me she voiced such a cry of delight that it quite literally shocked me to the core. All my fears evaporated in that exquisite moment. It was like greeting an old lost best friend but how could she presume to know me so deeply, we’d only met once before…

We gathered around her in a circle. As she placed a candle in the center she said as she lit it. “This is the fire of Nunda the sun. When we gather together, we sit in a circle so that all can see and be blessed by this fire. You see, in a circle no one can block Nunda’s love from you. Let no one come between you and her fire. This is the blessing the circle gives.”

Finding Home

Thus began the  sharing of her path of Medicine. She talked of many things that day all of which kept us mesmerized like children cozying up under a Master Story Tellers’ blanket. It was then that she announced that she was here by way of a prophecy given to her by her grandmother. That the day would come when she would travel north to find the faces that she would recognize from her visions. Faces that  she would know from times long past. Faces that had once made a promise to Creator to return when the Earth Mother called. Those faces were ours and if we so chose we were being invited back on The Path of Medicine.

I will always remember Grandmother Pa’Ris’Ha’s words at the closing of that afternoons sharing. “Beloveds,” she said, “life is a cycle, a cycle is a circle, and in a circle all things return to where they first began”.

Indeed, I knew that some part of me had come full circle. I had finally found my mentor. Someone whose wisdom would guide me home.