All ETS a positive force?

There has been a growing thread within the UFO/New Age movement that speaks of the ET presence as being only Service to Other. That there are no Negative agenda following Et races at all. This line of thinking if find to be Naive and dangerous. Already within threads that I have followed that support this attitude have begun to put out images that they claim to be spiritual and in support of the Human race and our spiritual purpose. Concepts such as the Flower of Life diagram that shows up everywhere as well as claiming the Fibonacci sequence as well as the Gold Mean sequence are somehow sacred where there is enough evidence to suggest otherwise. I will shortly blog about these ideas and give Guardian perspectives to these concepts and leave it up to people to rightfully decide for them selves.

Below is my response to one person who believes we should only focus on the good ETs as if the negative agenda is not real or doesn’t even merit attention what so ever.

This will be my last comment for I truly wish to honour that this site is solely dedicated to positive contact. Something I too wish to happen and believe will happen but not by ignoring the greater true. I too wish that our governments would have embraced peaceful contact when it was given to them in the 1930’s but our governments back then were not interested in peaceful contact with the Guardians.

By the 2nd world war our Western Governments were more interested in procuring weapons to fight off the warring menace that was brewing in Europe at that time and which the Guardians rightly refused to give them. Our governments then took a step, signed treaties, and took the human race in a direction that would seal their fate and tie them to Service to Self ET races like the Zetas and the Dracos to mention but a few. MJ12 was born.

The governments who signed these treaties thought they were smarter than these ET’s and began allowing the Zetas abduction rights for their hybrid program and in exchange these ET’s gave our governments portions of technology that in the long run never worked.

I wish to state here that I truly believe that the positive ET’s vastly outnumber the negative ones. And by negative ones I mean ones who truly believe they are doing the right thing given the model of the universe through which they experience their reality but lack the emotional maturity needed to be truly Service to Others. Many of these negative Extraterrestrials think of us much like we Humans think of cattle. A lower life form to be used rather than respected and honoured.

They see humans behaving terribly to other species and well as to our own so naturally they assume they can do the same with the human race. When open, public contact is finally made how will you know which ET’s intend to do you harm and which ones will support you. What will be the “yard stick” through which Human Race will measure its abilities to discern which path we will take and which ET nations we will deal with as we move into this “Greater Community”?

There is a huge world of evidence that clearly reveals that there are indeed negatively oriented ET’s out there as well as on the surface of our world with the ultimate plan of taking this planet for themselves without the Human race on it. I simply wish for people to have their eyes wide open and have ALL the facts before blindly assuming that ALL ET’s are genuinely in Service to Others and can be trusted.

We live in a free will universe as many people have stated. Does that free will suddenly stop at the outskirts of our solar system? Our planet is not unique in this regard. All advanced ET cultures have stood where Humanity finds itself today.

Some say there are ETs out there who stand against ignorance and violence and will not allow unevolved and harmful races to venture out within the Galactic Realms. That the quarantined position that the Earth finds Herself in is also what ALL unemotionally evolved and emerging races encounter when they find themsleves at this same point in their own evolution. So my question is “who would stand to stop humans from bringing negativity out with us when we go? And by this same token who would stop negative ETs from distant worlds from doing the same thing?”

Free will means free will. It will not be another race that will stand at the cosmic gates that says to evolving races that stand at the 3rd dimension set to evolve into the 2nd harmonic universe of the 4th 5th and 6th dimensions, “you are ready but you over here are not”! The same concepts can be applied to the Religious perspective that claims that God gave us free will but if we do not follow His dictates he will punish us to the eternal fires of damnation. This my friends is NOT free will.

This is not how evolution into the greater community works. I believe that Kristic/eternal life physics of cause and effect are at work here. There are consequent to actions that are constantly in effect and ultimately cannot be ignored. But where in the time matrix do these principles come into play where negativity is truly balanced out. At which point do you see negative actions having the ultimate consequence of blow back taking effect and removing its perpetrators? Certainly not in our immediate future as we reach to graduate to the 2nd Harmonic Universe and where many negative ET races like the Zetas and the Dracos currently have their home base of operation.

What you send out will eventually come back to you. This is the physics that ultimately prevents a races’ complete annihilation of its neighbours but I do not believe that this comes into play until we get very high up in the dimensional scale within the 15 dimensional Time Matrix itself.

Humanity needs to be a lot wiser if we wish to join the Inter-dimensional Association of Free Worlds and not be subject to a more powerful advanced ET culture who may have an eye on our resources let alone our planets Universal Star Gate Templar Complex.


Response to Steven Greer and the CSETI/Disclosure Project

Here is my response to Steven Greer regarding why disclosure has not yet occurred and the negative ETI (Extraterrestrial Intelligence) agenda.First of all I would like to applaud you with the creation of this very intriguing web site dealing with one of the most important issues our world is facing today; the presence of ETI and our Earths’ introduction into this wondrous “Grater Community”.I truly wish for you to be successful especially in your involvement with New Energy technology. This more than anything else will change the health of our beloved planet and will help to heal the damage done to her by an immature and deliberately mutated human race.

I do however take issue with one of your core principles.

“• CSETI operates on the premise that ETI net motives and ultimate intentions are peaceful and non-hostile”.

On this point I take great issue and would have hoped that this naive statement would not have been made. I do not know what evidence or premise you make such a claim for it truly does not reflect the activities of our current world management team (in particular the US Government) their involvement in this tangled web of deceit and subsequently their absolute refusal to engage in discussions regarding this most important issue.

First of all I do believe that our universe does indeed have a greater number of Highly Evolved ETI than negative ETIs’. However I also believe that we have many ETI that although do come from the upper dimensions within our universal time matrix, fall into this negative ETI category. The higher up you go does not always mean more highly evolved. There are many ETI’s which some would call Fallen Angelics that indeed come from a higher dimensional spectrum but have yet to evolved past this propensity for service to self and therefore do not have Mankind’s best interests at heart.Throughout the entire history of the Human Angelic race we have been visited and have had interactions with many races both in support of our scared mission in the reparation of a partially fallen Milky Way galaxy as well as the negative, non supportive activities of ETIs which do not wish the Angelic Human race to succeed in restoring this Milky Way’s very damaged time matrix.

Many have stated that the reason for non contact at this time is because the Human Race is “not yet ready” and would not survive the cultural shock disclosure would bring. So in an effort to prepare the human race for contact the number and degree of visible sightings has dramatically increased in these last few decades all in an attempt to conditioning the human race for ultimate first contact. While I believe that there is indeed some truth in this statement, I do not believe that this is the definitive reason and feel that this explanation to be dangerously naive.

There is another scenario that without understanding Inter-dimensional Unified Field Physics, our planets purpose, and just how these two issues interact with one another, you will not understand a much larger picture of just what is happening on our planet today, the reason for secrecy, and just how large this picture truly is!

Our planet with its Universal/Galactic and Planetary Templar system of Star Gates has always been the most coveted planet in the Milky Way Galaxy. Whomever controls this planets templar system of star gates during an ascension cycle like the one we are currently in, will control the future of many, many worlds, and can ultimately shape the destiny that these worlds will experience within the Earth’s next 26,556 year Euiago Solar cycle in this galaxy’s universal templar system and its time matrix. The damage that negative ETI’s have inflicted on Earth and indeed on all the other planets in our solar system can be easily understood when looking at how many planets axis of rotation have all been distorted. A planets proper axis of rotation should align and mimic the axis of rotation of our sun’s “Staff” or north/south alignment. When our sun transmits its energy through out the solar system via its spinning east/west “Rods” this proper alignment is what is needed for this energy to down step properly into each planets star gate system and into each the planets morphogenetic field, or form holding template. With all the differing axis of rotational spins that each of the planets in our solar system currently have, this misalignment causes much damage to the bio fields of each planet. Our earth for instance with its 23.4 degree tilt in its axis of rotation in one direction and then on top of this with its 11.4 degree tilt in the opposite of its axis of the magnetic fields creates this distorted wobble with in a wobble. This major distortion in the planets electromagnetic Merkabah fields was not some random universal accident as many scientist would have you believe but was created by Fallen Angelics (negative ETI’s) for a specific purpose and is intimately linked to why disclosure has not yet occurred.

I believe there is a “stalemate” that is currently in progress between service to others (STO) ETIs and service to self (STS) ETI’s that is being played out here.

The STS ETI’s have openly declaration of war on the STO ETIs over ownership of this planets multilevel star gate templar system. These Fallen Angelics have stated to the Guardian Races, do not interfere with the Humans and do not announce our presence for if you do, although we know that ultimately we would not win an outright war against you, we will destroy as much of the earth and its human population as we can before you can stop us and our plans for Earth. These plans that the STS ETIs can only come to fruition during the opening of a stellar activation cycle which only occurs twice during a full 26,556 year Solar cycle called a Euiago cycle. Once at the beginning of this cycle which is only a lateral ascension cycle into Parallel Earth and one at the end of the cycle which is a vertical ascension cycle which offers a planet is its bio life fields the opportunity to ascend vertically up the dimensional spectrum and quite possibly completely out of the time matrix altogether. We are currently at this spot in Earths ascension cycle.

With this in mind you can clearly see why the STO ETI’s will not overtly push for disclosure and instead have allowed (though not without STO ETI resistance) the STS ETI’s and their plans for world domination to go seemingly unchallenged. That our governments have been embroiled in this mess with some of the more militant STS ETI’s like the Zeta races as well as the Draconian races all ties in with the UFO abductions, the efforts to secretly conduct reverse technology on captured craft all in an attempt at creating counter measures in defence of the STS ETI’s and their agenda can be more clearly understood within the structure of this larger drama.

I know that this can seem a bit of a stretch but to me this scenario is the one that makes more sense than embracing this “Love, Light and Clueless” approach that all ETIs have a beneficial attitude towards the Human Race, disclose itself and what is currently happening on our planet today.

Best Regards,

Ron Mayer

Ron Mayer